About the Course

Who can apply?

You need to have a regular Yoga practice for two years to apply. Experience of the approach of Vanda Scaravelli  and/or a knowledge of the meridian system is not necessary. We welcome all enthusiasts who want to share their love of Yoga – we have the skills and expertise to support your endeavours to become confident and capable teachers.


How long is it?

The first year is a stand alone 200 hour programme

The second year is a 300 hour programme making a combination of 500 hours, creating a comprehensive and rigorous teacher training course.


How are the course hours organised?

Year one is an 11 weekend programme running from October to July

Year two is a 12 weekend programme also running from October to July. 


Which institutions certify the course?

Certified  by the Independent Yoga Network (IYN). The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) recognises 200 hour and  500 hour yoga courses certified by the IYN; by registering with the IYN you will also be able to register with REPS. This will enable you to work in many different settings.

The optional, additional Certificate of Education and Training is a Government recognised teaching qualification. It is accredited by the Shiatsu College’s accrediting body, Laser Learning Awards and allows you to teach in Further Education colleges

Please note that the additional Certificate of Education and Training and registration with IYN incur extra costs.

What is the course content?

Please click here for details of the Course Modules.


What do I need to do to pass?

All assignments and teaching practice must be passed. Assignments are in the form of written or audio or visual submissions. Please see individual modules for details of assessment criteria.

We ask that students attend all the teaching sessions, however you may miss a maximum of two training days but additional study is necessary and liaising with your peers is essential to make up for missed contact time.  If you miss more than two days in the course then we ask that you make up the sessions by other means. This would usually be done with tutorials and may involve additional cost. In case of absence, your course fees are still required. All assessment criteria for each module must be passed before graduation. We will issue clear assessment guidelines in advance of each module.

You need to complete all required teaching practice

All course fees are to be paid before graduation.


Do I need an additional Anatomy qualification?

No, as part of the course you will have access to the Shiatsu College’s  accredited Anatomy (in Year 1),  and Physiology and Pathology (in Year 2) course. Our APP Units are Level 3 with combined Credit Value of 33. What makes the course unique is the emphasis on new paradigms in the field and on holistic health. The concepts of anatomy trains, tensegrity, the cellular matrix, the importance of the connective tissue as a communication system are an integral part of the course. Students are introduced to the work of Thomas Myers, James Oschman and Deanne Juhan as well as referencing the brilliant “Holistic Anatomy” by Pip Waller.


What are the fees and payment plan?

Please click here to visit the page on Fees & Dates for details.


Tell me more about the Certificate of Education and Training

Please click here to visit the page on the Certificate of Education and Training.


Who are the Teachers?

Please click here for details of our Teachers.


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