Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Teacher Training

‘ To twist, stretch and move around, is pleasant and enjoyable, a body holiday. There is an unexpected delight in meeting earth and sky at the same moment’ – Vanda Scaravelli

Vanda Scaravelli inspired an approach to Yoga that encourages you to ‘undo the doing’, to relax and move ‘without the slightest effort’.   Whatever your experience of Yoga may be, we can support you to use gravity and the wave of the breath to ‘awaken’ your spine, your body, your mind and your spirit. This fully certified teacher training course provides you with the practical skills and expertise to teach a way of Yoga based on the principles of openness and exploration so that practice becomes a ‘body holiday’ and not a shape or stretch at which to aim.

Attention to the breath, to the connection to the ground, to alignment of the spine and flow of energy in the body resonate throughout the art and science of both Yoga and Shiatsu. Our expertise in the energy body, the flow of Qi, Ki, Prana is second to none; the Shiatsu College has been teaching these arts for 30 years and we are delighted to combine our knowledge of the meridian system with our love and practice of Scaravelli inspired Yoga.

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  •  IYN approved Yoga teacher training. Independent Yoga Network accredits schools which show their adherence to yoga principles such as satya, ahimsa and swadhyaya.
  • Unique opportunity to take the optional Certificate in Education and Training. This is a Government recognised teaching qualification that can be used to further your teaching career.
  • Approved provider of  the evidenced based and NICE recommended Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme.

Next intake starts September 2020



Yoga Prospectus

“I completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in October 2018 and was teaching my first class a month later! Six months later I am teaching daily classes and loving my life as a yoga teacher. I wanted independence, freedom and to support people to self care in a way that is meaningful to me and I have it. This was made possible by the course content, which equipped me with the skills to investigate and reflect so I could find my own way using the Scaravelli approach, and by the course teachers who gave me the opportunity to teach my first class and the support and confidence to believe in myself. The 200 hour course was such a life enhancing experience I wanted it to carry on. I am now mid way through the 500 hour course and I am enjoying it just as much as the first year. I love the way the learning unfolds and layers on top of the initial foundation. I love the hands-on, practical approach which instils good practice. Underpinning it all, teachers Annie and Zowie generously share their knowledge, experience and joy in teaching which I couldn’t help but absorb! It’s all about the energy. Doing this course has changed my life for the better in so many ways and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone thinking about training as a yoga teacher.” Stephanie Ball 2019

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